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Was a Leaky Pipe the Reason an SF House Began to Slide?

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On Friday, when the house at 256 Casitas Avenue began to slide down the hill where it stood and the city ordered it razed under an emergency demolition order, some officials speculated that El Niño storms could be to blame. However, another potential culprit has materialized: a broken water main. KRON TV reports that the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission found a broken pipe near the house after an hours-long search.
As we reported last week, the home was torn down for the safety of the houses below it after a neighbor noticed a widening crack at its foundation near the driveway. The current homeowners had purchased the three-story house just three months earlier for $2 million and were planning a remodel (they did not live there yet). One of the owners was quoted in an ABC News 7 story as saying it was "his dream home."

KRON reports that the investigation is ongoing.

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256 Casitas Ave, San Francisco, CA 94127