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Big Buena Vista Home Settles for $5.1M, Way Less Than Asking

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The sprawling six-bedroom Mediterranean home at 145-147 Alpine Terrace has been bouncing on and off the market since last June seeking a buyer. Last fall, it was looking for $5.858 million, but after failing to sell it lowered its expectations to $5.5 million. Late last week, it finally settled for $5.1 million. The price was still north of $1,100 per square foot, but well below that initial ask.

The property had plenty of perks, with extensive views, fireplaces, and parking for six (yes, six!) cars. There's an outdoor space on the upper level complete with fake grass. The living, dining and kitchen spaces are joined in an open plan, and the lower level is set up as its own separate living space with a second kitchen. The sparse interiors, however, might have felt sterile to many buyers. Perhaps that's the reason for its chilly reception.

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