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The Vandalized Alamo Square Super Bowl Statue Is No More

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After being vandalized numerous times, a Super Bowl 50 Statue has been removed from Alamo Square. Hoodline reports that the piece was knocked over twice over the weekend before crews loaded it up on a truck Sunday and took it away. Last week, vandals were playing word games with the letters on this piece and the one in Civic Center, rearranging them to spell "Superb Owl," "Up R Bowel," "Sup Bro," and (after toppling the statue) "Oops."
The 1,600-pound Alamo Square statue was taken in for repairs, according to SFGate, which spoke to Super Bowl Committee spokesman Nathan Ballard. It could be installed in a different location where it would be less of a target once it has been repaired. The Alamo Square statue has attracted more vandalism than the others placed around the city, although the Civic Center statue has also received a lot of undesirable attention.

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