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See inside Apple Campus 2 for the first time

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Apple insider pics leak

A worker on a crane scales the curved side of the new Apple headquarters, under construction. Photos: Apple

We’re used to seeing the new Apple Campus in Cupertino from a strictly aerial perspective.

Now, leaked photos of the Norman Foster-designed, Silicon Valley spaceship set to open in Cupertino next year are making the rounds

The images originally circulated to Apple employees as a preview of the sweet new company digs. French Apple site Mac Generation snagged the photos and leaked them in all their glory.

Particularly notable is the scale of exterior walls relative to the workers still putting the finishing touches on them. We know, of course, that the main complex is four stories tall and will house roughly 2.8 million square feet of space when finished.

But after so many years of only seeing the building as a far-off object in architects renderings and the camera eyes of hovering drones, seeing real humans gets up close and personal with it creates a somewhat startling effect.

Silicon Valley’s most exciting development finally seems real to us. Head on over to Mac Generation to see what all the fuss is about.