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Upside-down Christmas tree at Westfield Centre is a stroke of Instagram brilliance

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Inverted tree made out of crystals, affixed to historic dome, provides holiday cheer and perfect marketing opportunity

Kudos to the folks at Westfield Centre in San Francisco, who recently installed this mammoth upside-down crystal tree inside their store. Not only does it provide a refreshing change from the ho-hum, upright trees found at other malls and department stores, it also one ups other retail outlets when it comes to the all-important Instagramable-moment factor.

Instagramable moments are now de rigueur at any new store, office, or restaurant. Big neon art. A giant Plinko game. The whimsy going on at the LinkenIn offices on Second Street. They’re now as crucial as proper plumbing and good acoustics. And the Westfield’s inverted tree is a clever way of getting precious, abundant tags.

Here are some photos of the tree:

Christmas chandelier

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Absolutely stunning. #prettylights #iloveSF #tistheseason #memoirsofabaymerse

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#twinkling #lights #itsxmastimeinthecity #sanfrancisco #holidays

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Happy Holidays! #SanFrancisco #ShopDine49 #upsidedown #rightsideup

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