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Eichler greeting cards for the midcentury modern fan in your life

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Owner of Eichler creates 3D cards based on the noted developer’s home designs

Built out of cardboard and cut by hand, Yuki Edminster didn’t know who or what an Eichler was but a few years ago. While she and her husband, David, were house hunting, their broker urged the couple to take a look at midcentury homes from the developer.

After purchasing one, and rescuing it from an antiseptic renovation, Yuki decided to create and sell pop-up cards based off of three Eichler homes.

“There are three models, based on homes seen in Balboa Highlands, which is in extreme northern San Fernando Valley,” reports the Modernist. “Yuki, a crafts person, not a professional designer, handcrafts each card and pays strict attention to proportion, style and detailing, showing the vertical groove siding, window framing, and fireplaces.”

She sells them for $50 for six cards and envelopes. While hardly inexpensive, she explains that each card and design takes time: “People don’t know how long it takes, the labor of putting that card together. It took at least 80 hours on that one model, just to get the design right, for it to fold properly, in and out, the positive and negative spaces. There were nights of not going to bed.”

You can find her cards at YukiProductions on Etsy.