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Curbed Cup Finals: Bayview (5) vs. Inner Richmond (10)

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Choose San Francisco’s best neighborhood of 2016

The Clam House in Bayview Photo by Jim Maurer


Here were are, folks. Beginning with 16 competing neighborhoods, the Curbed Cup 2016 battle ends here. And you decide who the victor shall be. Last year’s champ clobbered the Excelsior, Noe Valley, and Nob Hill. Each neighborhood a choice one. But can it beat out its underdog fellow finalist the Inner Richmond?

For starters, Bayview boasts more working class residents than other tony neighborhood in the city. It’s also one of only two neighborhoods where the average San Franciscan can buy a home. Which is to say, asking prices don’t always break the $1 million mark.

The reigning southside champ also saw the reopening of its historic Bayview Opera House. The circa 1888 building underwent a major overhaul—new floors, repair of water damage and dry rot, new look inside. San Francisco architect Henry Geilfuss’s Italianate and Gothic influences were brought back to life.

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Inner Richmond

One of three neighborhoods that make up the Richmond District, who knew this little slice of San Francisco would annihilate the Tendernob, Hayes Valley, and the Castro this year to make it to the finals? The Inner Richmond knew, that’s who. The folks who call this charming ‘hood home proved to be some of the most ardent diehard supporters of any SF neighborhood this year.

A stretch of street laced with Chinese, Cambodian, Korean, Burmese, and Russian restaurants, it’s also a popular nightlife hangout as well as one of the few remaining neighborhoods with an independent bookstore.

The Inner Richmond is also home to USF, meaning that it’s also a hub for college students. In other words, the Inner Richmond is a choice (albeit not at all inexpensive) neighborhood for renters, unlike most of its competitors.

Here’s the full 2016 bracket.

Curbed Cup 2016 full bracket.

This is it. The polls open today and close on January 2. Choose below which beloved area should win Curbed Cup 2016’s neighborhood of the year.