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Curbed Cup Final Four: Bayview (5) vs. Nob Hill (9)

Vote for the SF neighborhood you want to advance to the finals!

Pier 92 grain silo art project Bayview Rise.
Pier 92 grain silo art project Bayview Rise.
Photo by Steve Boland


If San Francisco 2016 could be summed up with one battle, it would be this one—two distinct neighborhoods, with vastly different economic makeup, standing side by side. First up, Bayview.

This reigning southside champ has one thing going for it that almost no other neighborhoods in SF does—a community of working class residents. More than the other tony areas on this list, Bayview is also only one of two neighborhoods where the average San Franciscan can buy a home. Meaning that asking prices don’t typically break the $1 million mark.

And gentrification hasn’t forced out longtime residents and changed every small business into a Crossfit gym or artisan coffeehouse. (At least not yet.) And the Bayview Opera House, a historic circa 1888 building, underwent a major overhaul, reopening to great acclaim. While new developments aren’t too far off in the distance

One reader sums up Bayview best, saying it’s “[o]ne of the last few affordable neighborhoods (by SF's standards), with lots of new businesses opening up alongside historic ones on walkable/transit-accessible 3rd Street and in cool converted industrial spaces."

Nob Hill

What Nob Hill lacks in affordability homes, it makes up in jaw-dropping beauty. Choice examples of residential spots in this tony neighborhood range from this restored Polk-Willis flat to this tiny home on John Street.

But this isn’t to say that, a la Pacific Heights or Presidio Heights, this neighborhood isn’t for everyone. The rent-controlled apartment stock here runs aplenty. And God bless those who managed to score one over the last few decades.

And few neighborhoods can boast that they have one of the city’s best park, Huntington Park, nestled between such glorious structures (Grace Cathedral, the Pacific-Union Club, Huntington Hotel).

Let us also not forget that In a city full of beauty pageant hopefuls, Nob Hill always takes the crown.

The decision is in your hands: Which area should make it to the finals? Cast your vote below, and may the best neighborhood win. Remember, polls close in 24 hours.