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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: Hayes Valley (2) vs. Inner Richmond (10)

Which neighborhood should advance to the second round?

Exterior of Hayes Valley building with urban garden. Photo by torbakhopper

Hayes Valley

A neighborhood where landmark Victorian, Queen Anne, and Edwardian townhouses party with contemporary homes and scores of boutiques and restaurants, adorable and twee Hayes Valley beat Mission Bay with the biggest margin in the competition so far.

As noted before, rent here is on the steep side, even though the occasional bargain can be found. And homes can be purchased upward of $1 million. At least.

But what this central neighborhood lacks in affordable housing it makes up for in location (transportation in Hayes Valley is excellent, with several Muni lines running through it, as well as close proximity to the Van Ness station) and amenities galore. Patricia’s Green, for example, is the ‘hood’s unofficial town square, featuring temporary art, like these cool geometric light sculptures.

Inner Richmond

Alas, the Tendernob didn’t stand a chance.

A stretch of street laced with Chinese, Cambodian, Korean, Burmese, and Russian restaurants, the center of the Inner Richmond can be summed up with one superb street—Clement. In addition to being a popular nightlife hangout, the street is also one of the few remaining spots in San Francisco with an independent bookstore.

As noted before, the Inner Richmond is also home to USF and thus a major hub for college students. This also makes the neighborhood a good (though not at all inexpensive) neighborhood for renters.

Also of note, the central neighborhood borders Golden Gate Park. And it’s certainly more economically diverse than its competitor.

Polls open now. You have until noon Wednesday to vote for which neighborhood should advance. Good luck!