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“Full House” creator bought the “Full House” home

With plans to redecorate it to match the cloying sitcom of note

The facade of the “Full House” house on Broderick Street.

Back in August, the house at 1709 Broderick, which served as the facade of the Tanner home on the cornball but much beloved ABC sitcom “Full House” (and its 2016 sequel on Netflix), sold for $4 million.

(Which we noted at the time was a hair below its asking price.)

The name on the deed was an anonymous LLC, but it turns out that the man behind that mask was none other than Full House producer Jeff Franklin.

His motive, as he told the Hollywood Reporter, was the same as that of the fans who still assemble to take selfies in front of the designer home from 1883: TV nostalgia.

“I’m sentimental about the house,” Franklin told HR. Four million dollars must buy a lot of memories.

He’s so sentimental, in fact, that he says he’s even going to redecorate to match the TV sets, doing away with the work of its former owner, decorator Courtney Hayden Daniels.

Despite all of this attention, the three bed, three and a half bath Pac Heights Victorian had relatively little to do with the program that made it so famous, serving only as the occasional establishing shot while the show filmed on an LA stage.

But so potent is the mojo of TV magic circa 1987-1995 that even the guy behind the show feels swept up in it.

Franklin evidently plans to rent the home, noting “it would be a shame to let it sit empty.” Previously it was on offer for $14,000/month.

Franklin wants something less like this...

Franklin himself doesn’t need new digs, as he lives in a Beverly Hills mansion with a 15-car garage, six bars, two swimming pools, five aquariums, and an “Elvis museum.”

“You can thank John Stamos, Bob Saget and the Olsen twins for this house,” he told Architectural Digest in 2010.

Presumably, that goes double for his new place.

...and more like this.
Courtesy Netflix