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Gigantic chunk of rock on Telegraph Hill asks $1.43 million

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That’s one expensive rock

A photo of the sheer cliff face at 1235 Sansome Courtesy Alain Pinel Realtors

Normally if someone said they’re buying a piece of Telegraph Hill, you’d assume they were speaking figuratively.

But in the case of 1235 Sansome, the hill is very much what you’re buying. Because there really is nothing else to speak of yet.

Technically, this long overlooked property, right across the street from Levi’s Plaza, has much going for it: phenomenal views, primo location in an exclusive neighborhood, and plenty of historic value, in that few things about Telegraph Hill are more historically significant than the hill itself.

In fact, this lot was apparently once a rock quarry. You can see how much the place has changed today; which is to say, nothing at all.

On the other hand, the biggest obstacle toward future development should be pretty obvious. You literally can’t miss it.

Courtesy Alain Pinel Realtors

Granted, there are already homes on the hilltop. And the ad rightly points out that, with nearly 7,000 square feet for sale, the Sansome lots represent a rare opportunity to add up to a dozen new homes that would presumably fetch a very pretty penny.

If you can find a flat place to put them, that is. The listing notes that “development will require some engineering.” No kidding.

The property last sold in 1997, but the city’s online record don’t indicate the price. Except for the aforementioned quarry, it looks like nothing has ever been built here before. Because how could it?

If this piece of rock is too rich for your blood, there’s always this $200,000 hunk still languishing on the market.