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Cubed Cup Elite Eight: Bayview (5) vs. Noe Valley (13)

Which neighborhood should advance to the semifinals?

Homes on the hill in Noe Valley Photo by Thomas Hawk

Noe Valley

Another underdog tale happened last week when Noe Valley (no. 13 seed) clobbered SoMa (no. 6). What with so many families and detached homes, it’s easy to see why. In spite of (or because of) the “Stroller Town” moniker with which it’s saddled, Noe Valley is a quiet neighborhood popular with both new-money elite and natives lucky enough to still call the hood home.

For starters, the food scene here is tops. While Contigo, Firefly, and Saru Sushi continue to be the area’s bright spots, there have been changes. Hamlet replaced Horner’s Bar & Grill, a favorite of longtime locals, earlier this year.

It’s also ground zero for polarizing renovations. The Victorians on 23rd Street and Vicksburg being two recent examples that stoked the ire of many purists. But for every bleached bright makeover, an ode to the past can still be found. This Stick style Victorian on Noe and this Diamond Street gem are two gorgeous examples.


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Former Curbed Cup winner Bayview went on to beat Excelsior by a wide margin. A few things put this neighborhood over the top, most notably the reopening of the historic Bayview Opera House. The circa 1888 building underwent a major overhaul, opening to much acclaim this year.

And like Viz Valley, Bayview more working-class residents than most SF neighborhoods. What’s more, it’s also one of only two neighborhoods where the average San Franciscan can buy a home.

As one reader pointed out. it’s “[o]ne of the last few affordable neighborhoods (by SF's standards), with lots of new businesses opening up alongside historic ones on walkable/transit-accessible 3rd Street and in cool converted industrial spaces." And it’s also one of the few neighborhoods to score a coveted non-transferable liquor license in 2016.

You have until noon Tuesday to vote. Choose wisely.