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7 homes with fireplaces to conquer the cold

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The chicest ways to warm up

Waking up this morning, many a San Franciscan was aghast to discover a glacial, numbing chill blanketing their air. While no Californian should ever have to suffer through 40-below indignities, it’s nice to know that there are preventative measures—measures that should be taken posthaste.

In lieu of buying an air fan heater (which we do not recommend) or an oil heater (which we strongly recommend), why not purchase one of these multi-million dollar homes that come with their own choice fireplace(s)?

Photo via Redfin

2820 Scott

For the millions and millions of dollars going to waste in your vault, the not-so understated home at 2820 Scott comes with a whopping eight fireplaces from which to choose. That’s one fireplace for each frozen finger. Coincidence? (Asking: $28,500,000)

1032 Broadway

This Nob Hill house has several fireplaces. But the one that stands out most if the one you can literally stand in. The ultimate way to beat this icy weather that has trapped the city in its frosty grip. (Asking: $12,000,000)

Photo via Redfin
Photo via Redfin

164 Belvedere

Renowned architects Dumican Mosey might have mixed Victorian history and contemporary design with this Parnassus Heights home. But the real star here is that sleek fireplace. In an ideal world, you editor would curl up around it like a Main Coon cat until summer’s arrival. Heaven. (Asking: $5,995,000)

Photo via Redfin

51 Ord

This 1885 Corona Heights number has been renovated over the years. And the wood-burning fireplace in the living room is an ideal place to keep warm. (Asking: $4,195,000)

Photo via Redfin

361 Upper Terrace

Throw on your favorite (faux) fur, grab the best bottle of brandy, and plop down in front of this contemporary fireplace inside this bonkers Buena Vista home. This house features lots of space and soaring ceilings, so be sure to buy a case of Duraflame logs at Costco. You’re gonna need them to heat this beauty from head to toe. (Asking: $3,995,000)

Photo via Redfin

232 Corbett

The 1914 Craftsman style home in Corona Heights, remodeled in 2014, comes with a wood-burning fireplace fit for a queen with a midcentury interior design bent. (Asking: $2,200,000)

Photo via Redfin
Photo via Redfin

19 Valletta

For the contemporary-minded soul shivering in their bones, take a peek at this gas-burning fireplace with glass. Modern and toasty. (Asking: $1,398,500)