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Curbed Cup 1st Round: Tendernob (7) vs. Inner Richmond (10)

Which neighborhood should advance to the second round?

Photo by Osbornb


A portmanteau of Tenderloin and Nob Hill, this neighborhood had the misfortune of being branded long ago by the real estate set who wanted something that didn’t sound so sketchy but also not so snobby. Ergo, the Tendernob. Market-wise christening aside, it now has the good fortune to be one of the best neighborhoods in the city. A chic, truly urban slice of San Francisco.

Among the many gorgeous residential buildings here, Crown Towers (666 Post) stands as one of the most striking. While decent rent prices in the Tendernob can still be found, they have bumped up a touch over the years (though not as bad as other areas). And Juanita More told us earlier this year, this is a place for renters.

Jay Jeffers - The Studio is located in the neighborhood. And perhaps the biggest opening this year was Saratoga, from the Bacchus Management Group (Spruce) featuring interiors by Stephen Brady.

Green Apple Books neon signage Photo by Thomas Hawk

Inner Richmond

The Richmond, like the Sunset, can be divided up into three parts—Outer, Central, and Inner. And this year, the Inner Richmond vies for the top neighborhood in 2016 due in large part to the action happening on Clement Street.

A stretch of street laced with Chinese, Cambodian, Korean, Burmese, and Russian restaurants, it’s also a popular nightlife hangout as well as one of the few remaining neighborhoods with an independent bookstore.

The Inner Richmond is also home to USF, meaning that it’s also a hub for college students. Which is to say, the Inner Richmond is a choice (albeit not at all inexpensive) neighborhood for renters.