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Super Mario Bros. game projected onto Lower Haight Edwardian

Apologies in advance for the theme song earworm

Screen grab via Dan Jackson

Noted Lower Haight denizen Dan Jackson (whose guide to the Lower Haight you should read posthaste) captured an illuminating, mushroom-laced scenario over the weekend—this giant projection of Super Mario Bros. on the side of a two-story Edwardian.

“On Sunday evening, Lower Haight local Dan Jackson was walking down the 400 block of Haight towards Fillmore when something caught his eye on the side of the CVS building, above Love Haight Computers,” reports Hoodline. “When he crossed the street, he saw that it was a two-story-tall projection of Super Mario Bros.—with a game in progress.”


No word yet as to the party who projected the Nintendo classic on the wall. We can only hope The Legend of Zelda or Kid Icarus will be the next games to amuse passersby. Delightful.