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Sprawling, brand new Silicon Valley mansion nets $11.2 million

New designer home revels in Los Altos Hills excess

The front entry of 12179 Hilltop in Los Altos, flanked by palm trees. Courtesy Sereno Group

Silicon Valley has its charms, but subtlety is not always among them.

Take the case of 12179 Hilltop Drive in Los Altos Hills, a home that tells the world, quite loudly and definitively, “Yes, I really have this much money.”

The gigantic, newly minted designer home (nearly 8,000 square feet on over an acre of land, with seven beds and eight baths) closed a sale over the weekend for a figure that matches its mammoth proportions: $11.2 million.

The original list price was nearly $11.9 million. Previously, a more humble but still quite sizable five bed, three bath, 2,300 foot mid century-style home circa 1960 sat on this parcel.

It sold for $2.6 million in February 2015, met the wrecking ball, and made way for something decidedly more indicative of Silicon Valley’s present swelling of unmitigated wealth.

The old place.
A decidedly lower profile.

The ads pitched the Hilltop Drive residence as the “quintessential California lifestyle,” and the tiered front yard with reflecting pool flanked by palm trees channels a pretty heavy Malibu vibe just 40 miles south of San Francisco.

Los Altos Hills, a smaller, separate community from the nearby city of Los Altos, consistently ranks as one of the richest in California and one of the most expensive ZIP codes to buy in

The census estimates a median household income of over $226,000 here, and the homes over on Redfin right now average over $5.2 million, with the cheapest offered at nearly $2.3 million.

But even by Los Altos Hills standards this is an intimidating sale price; only four home in town presently list for more, and none found a buyer as quickly as 12179 Hilltop, which was on the market for less than two months.