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Mission Rock preps for 100 years of sea level rise

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Giants’ development set to go before Bay Conservation commission Monday

A rendering of Pier 48 as it would appear after redevelopment. Courtesy SF Giants, Port of SF

Voters gave the thumbs up to the San Francisco Giants’ plan to convert a huge swath of parking lot into a voluminous new bay side development last year, but the team and their partners at the Port still have plenty of red tape to run through.

On Monday, December 5, the Bay Conservation and Development Commission will consider the latest round of designs for Mission Rock. You can take a gander at the development’s pending presentation here.

Note that although some outlets have called the renderings illustrating those slides new, almost all of them were previously available to the public, on a variety of different platforms.

More revealing than the conceptual art are the diagrams laying out some specific dimensions and arrangements of streets and parks. Particularly the sections prepping for sea level rise.

Like AT&T Park itself, Mission Rock sits right in the wash zone of some of San Francisco’s lowest-lying developed areas—the first to feel the soggy ramifications of climate change lapping at its shores in a few years.

Mission Rock’s most densely developed areas will be elevated an extra four feet to keep their heads above water during particularly violent tides.

And take note of the particularly revealing slide labeled “Living With The Bay,” illustrating that the lowest areas closer to the waterfront will simply be designed with regular flooding in mind, using FEMA projections for the year 2100.

Mission Rock

Pier 50, , CA 94158