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SF's second-most expensive property is a former consulate

Used for years as the Egyptian consulate, a five-story Pacific Heights mansion returns to the market

Photos courtesy of Nina Hatvany Team at Pacific Union Real Estate

Designed by architect firm Bliss and Faville (who helmed the Masonic Temple on Van Ness and the University Club on Powell) as a private residence after the 1906 Great Quake, this approximately 14,000-square-foot home at the corner of 3001 Pacific will arrive on the market later this month, becoming one of the priciest pads on the market.

The Egyptian government purchased the tony property in 1960s and used it as their San Francisco consulate before moving their operation to Los Angeles, which explains the office-like interiors.

Rebuilt and semi-renovated on all five levels, the new buyer, who will presumably use it as a residence, will have to make a few alterations to the layout. It is, after all, quite expansive. When it was a consulate, the third and fourth floors were the residential areas, while the lower floors were used for government business.

Photos courtesy of Nina Hatvany Team at Pacific Union Real Estate

Today is still features some of its bureaucratic past: carpeting that’s begging to be put out of its misery, ceiling acne, gorgeous original hardwood flooring, and crown molding, and kitchens in need of upgrades.

Remember, this place was once used as a business, so any lackluster decor should be forgiven. Especially with bones this gorgeous.

Photo courtesy of Nina Hatvany Team at Pacific Union Real Estate

It comes with two master bedroom suites, numerous bedroom suites, a fitness area, three (!) kitchens, six and eight half baths, and—but of course—living quarters for the help.

If you need some added inspiration, here’s what the place would look (via virtual renderings) with some decor added:

In all, a bonkers house with downright lovely framework. Nina Hatvany of the Nina Hatvany Team at Pacific Union Real Estate and Mary Toboni of Toboni & Co. will lead the sale of this sumptuous palace. It will land on the market later this month at $22 million.

Other significant homes in San Francisco by Bliss & Faville include 3540 Washington (1908), 18 Presidio Terrace (1909), 2222 Broadway (1912, the Flood mansion, now the Convent of the Sacred Heart School), 2100 Broadway (1917), 2332 Baker (1918), and 1950-60 Jackson (1921-25, also now a Consulate).

While 3001 Pacific is asking for a major chunk of change, 2820 Scott still hold the title of San Francisco’s most-expensive home on the market.

This is what $22 million could score you in San Francisco: