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Map: Where in SF did Trump do best on election night?

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Nowhere in the city did the president-elect prove popular with voters, but he is less unpopular in some neighborhoods than others

President-elect Donald Trump didn’t fare particularly well with San Francisco voters on Tuesday, although the preliminary count does record 26,715 local votes for the Republican ticket.

That’s about 9.78 percent of those who voted, and a bit less than three percent of the city’s voting-age population.

Where was Trump most popular in San Francisco? Strictly speaking, nowhere. In only one of the city’s voting precincts did the Trump/Pence ticket exceed 125 votes in the preliminary count, and in every reported precinct Trump voters are a breathtakingly small minority.

So, please, don’t go thinking that any San Francisco neighborhood is full of Trump voters. But as with all things, there are some places where the Trump ticket was slightly less unpopular than others.

Below, you can see every precinct in which the Trump ticket won 100 or more votes in the initial count. About three-fifths of San Francisco Trump voters cast their vote by mail (versus just over 50 percent for the Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine ticket).

Trump’s minimal San Francisco appeal concentrated on the west side of the city. In fact, there was almost no district in the Sunset where Trump/Pence didn’t get at least 50 votes.

That trend continued to bleed south into the Lake Merced area and, perhaps surprisingly, down into Crocker/Amazon as well (though nowhere that far south did Trump break into the triple digits seen on the map).

He picked up some support in the Marina and Pacific Heights as well. But other than one anomalous spot on the waterfront, basically nothing any further east.

Although, again, it was a “basically nothing” night overall for the Trump ticket in San Francisco, as could only be expected.

Note that votes are still being counted. It may be illuminating to compare the final count to how the June primary totals distributed across the city, a vote with far smaller turnout overall.