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Rolling Stone photographer’s remodeled Cole Valley Victorian asks $5.99 million

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That’s a lot of moss to gather

Rolling Stone magazine alum Baron Wolman shot some of the most famous images ever captured of rock-’n-roll royalty, and he did it in the upstairs bedroom of his Pearl of a Victorian home at 164 Belvedere.

Actually, Wolman only worked out of the Cole Valley house for a few years. But that was long enough to host the likes of Jerry Garcia, Janis Joplin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bill Graham, and other Absolute Originals. He’d shoot upstairs and adjourn to develop the photos in the basement.

Wolman sold the place for $31,000 in 1971, and one family held it until 2014. Then it sold twice in two years, the last time complete with plans for a remodel, bringing it back as A Whole New Thing at 4,500-feet once work completed.

Which indeed is the home we have today, looking to Harvest a $5.99 million payoff now. We know what you’re wondering: Was Wolman’s studio Saved? Well, yes and no.

The upstairs bedroom where he once shot is now two bedrooms, which Join Together with a bathroom in between. The onetime darkroom has Come From the Shadows and is now a “great room” on the bottom floor.

When it listed in 2014, relatively little had changed about the Relics of its 1971 look, which itself probably wasn’t that different from its circa 1900 (or so) roots. And now?

While they resisted the urge to say Welcome To The Wrecking Ball and did save some of the Extra Texture from the old house, for the most part it’s a case of Fare Thee Well to what was here.

The home’s new Stripped look is 100 percent 2016, sporting New Values and a Heavy Cream color palate.

If you want to Journey Through the Past, you can still see its 2014 look here. There’s an open house on the 10th, where you can judge for yourselves whether it’s Gold or just Cheap Thrills of a Strictly Commercial variety.