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Dolores Park Muni shelter turns into temporary anti-Trump art gallery

Public space gets transformed into Election Day pop-up exhibit

A gaggle of politically-minded local artists took their inventiveness to the streets this week to alter the Dolores Park bus stop at 18th Street and Church into an anti-Trump gallery, christening it #TrumpStop.

As Hoodline reports, artists at Vango Art, an online art marketplace, and crew of talent corralled by curator Elissa Patel, teamed together to create a pop-up gallery opposing the Republican presidential candidate.

There were also cookies available, because why not.

Here are a few scenes of the #TrumpStop and its works. (And psst, remember to vote on Tuesday.)

#trumpstop donald rizzo's work "you maniacs you really did it you elected Trump a goddamn you goddamn you want to hell"

A photo posted by Donald Rizzo (@donaldrizzoart) on

Dolores Park

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