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Four Seasons condo looks to more than double its price at $3.3 million

A truly seasonal price fluctuation

A whole lot has been going on at the Four Seasons residences at 765 Market, with a penthouse sale breaking the building’s record a few weeks ago and nearly a half dozen smaller units jockeying for new buyers in the building now.

Number 26G is looking to break records too, but of a highly specific kind. Listing today at over $3.3 million, it’s not the most expensive Four Seasons home on the market. In fact, it’s actually the least, the next most economic offer being a $3.5 million unit four floors down.

But it’s a remarkable figure anyway, as it’s more than 150 percent of this two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath home’s one and only previous sale. Back in 2001, when it was brand spanking new, 26G sold for $1.35 million and hasn’t even flirted with the market since.

Of course, $1.35 million was worth a lot more in those days, so it’s not quite so sizable a price hike over a decade and a half as the numbers suggest at face value. But it’s still a pretty penny and yet another dramatic diagram of how home economies change over even relatively small periods of time.

And as we’ve observed in the past, the the Four Seasons itself is rapidly becoming something of a time capsule in other ways.

The building is by no means particularly old, and its style is not exactly retro these days.

But compare the plushy interiors of a home like this to the sleeker, shinier, more declarative style of the hundreds of luxury condos under construction just a few blocks away and you can’t help but feel as if the Four Seasons is a rare breed.

Tastes have visibly changed, and in the span between 2001 and now not many big ticket buildings went up. Which makes this a now singular example of what once appealed to the wealthiest San Franciscans.

The Four Seasons

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