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‘Angel of Hope’ home in Cole Valley nabs $3.1 million

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Former home of San Francisco personality Patricia Montandon features soaring angel-themed near the front walk.

Much missed is San Francisco personality Pat Montandon, who moved down to LA years ago. The activist who helped spark the Pacific Heights tell-all, Oh the Glory of It All, penned by her son Sean Wisely, is an excellent look at San Francisco’s society set just before self-made tech billionaires came to town and booted the city’s blue-blood class down to the D-list. She also once owned this choice Cole Valley/Ashbury Heights home, unique in its own right.

The front of the house features an art piece called Angel of Hope, which Montandon commissioned after a giant cypress tree toppled over on the other side of the 1951 home.

Listing for $3.49 million in September, it sold this week under asking for $3,100,000.

In addition to featuring French-paned casement windows, mosaic walls, and a stunning spiral staircase, the ceilings are most noteworthy. The exposed, vaulted look, rich with wood accents galore, gives the entire abode a cabin-like feel.

The biggest question, especially for those living in the area, is whether or not the angel will survive. One can only pray. But we will be on angel watch moving forward.