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Uber’s Oakland realtor proposes three-acre, mixed-used site for Uptown

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388 new homes plus twice the space in retail, right on top of BART


Lane Partners, the same peninsula-based real estate company who delivered the site for Uber’s mega office in Oakland, have a new surprise for the Town now.

Teaming with Oakland’s own Strategic Urban Development Alliance, they aim to plant a huge, three-acre development spanning an entire block just south of West Grand Avenue, between Telegraph and Broadway.

The project would mean roughly 800,000 square feet of office and retail, 18,000 feet of art space, and 31,000 feet of open space at one of the strategically marketable spots in the East Bay, according the specs provided on the site for the proposal (dubbed Eastline).

The San Francisco Business Times also reports a presumably critical 400,000 square feet of new housing included in the conjoined two-building structure, which would sit directly on top of BART tunnels running beneath Broadway.

The Eastline site doesn’t mention the housing space right now, but Lane Partners principal Drew Haydel told Curbed SF that the tower structure in the renderings is indeed homes, about 388 units in all.

“It’s a single project, going through the same entitlements,” he assured us.

Presently, the block at Telegraph between 21st and 22nd is mostly a big, squat parking structure, with a burger place on the northwest corner and some retail shops on the east side, facing Broadway.

Lane and SUDA hope to begin construction in 2018.