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Sleek, outrageous, glorious Atherton mansion cuts $4.9 million off asking

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New construction originally appeared on the market for almost $40 million

Designed by Farro Essalat of San Mateo’s Essalat Architects, this glass-walled mansion in Atherton made waves when it landed on the market back in March. And it’s easy to see why. Listing initially for a hefty yet very fitting $39.8 million, it has now returned to the market with a trimmer, slimmer asking price.

The 246 Atherton Avenue property is a three-story, seven-bedroom, 18,000-square foot dream. Decidedly contemporary. Unyieldingly chic. Three out of four living room walls are adorned with floor-to-ceiling glass, as is the front door.

The astringent and beautifully cruel exteriors belie the surprisingly warm interiors of the living room and bedroom, which are tamed with rich wood accents.

But cozy and charming won’t be found hiding here; it’s in-your-face contemporary all the way. Sharp. Tight. Hygienic. (Your Curbed SF editor would be more than content living his life inside that master bathroom.) There’s also a guest house, manicured landscaping that looks like it’s been tended to with the utmost precision, and—of course—a pool.

After a $4.9 million price pruning, asking is now $34,900,000.