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You can rent the famed Hillsborough Flintstone House for $750/night

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Until a sabertooth tiger locks you out, of course

It’s been over a year since the so-called Flintstone House at 45 Berryessa Way in Hillsborough went on the market for $4.2 million, and it’s still without a buyer.

They’ve cut the price several times to no avail, so now it appears that owner Korie Edises has adopted a new approach: Putting the house on Airbnb, to the tune of $750 per night.

Actually, it’s a little surprising nobody thought of that before. The 1976 experimental home, featuring bizarre bulbous elements, presumably does not appeal to everyone as a full-time residence, but there’s probably no shortage of curiosity seekers willing to camp out in one of its three bedrooms for a night or two.

Despite its nickname, the house, conceived by Bay Area architect William Nicholson, was not necessarily designed to resemble that of the modern stone age family. Rather, Nicholson’s idea was just for a house where every surface is curved.

For a while people called it the “Barbapapa House,” after the blob-like character from a series of French children’s novels. He was kind of like Gumby—and now and then 45 Berryessa was also called the Gumby House.

But the Flintstone moniker is the one that stuck, mostly because once you hear you can’t ever un-see the resemblance.

Edises, a manager at Hewlett-Packard who bought the house for $800,000 in 1996, was a bit secretive about the old place at first, declining open houses or even agent tours.

That tune has evidently changed in 13 months, so if you’re heading in a South Bay direction, need a place for the night, and have $750 to spare, this may be a golden opportunity. Or perhaps a granite one.