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Restored Oakland Tudor asks $1.79 million for flip

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Something blue to cure your Monday blues

Built in 1907, the four-bedroom Tudor at 79 Bayo Vista in Oakland escaped having to deal with a geological disaster, only to fall prey to a more insidious (if less spectacular) disaster in the 100 years since: neglect.

When this beauty sold in 2008 for $568,000, it was suffering some major dry rot, judging from permits filed with the city a few years later that suggest an extensive battle against the ravages of time.

The double gabled house emerged from the other side of that ordeal a richer prize indeed, more than doubling its previous price when it sold in December of 2015 for $1.6 million.

A gander at the photos shows you where the money went: Take a good long look at those beautiful beams in the first floor ceiling, the latticework on the windows, and even the shining blue lacquer paint job in the dining room that pops like mad next to the old fireplace.

But note that they left the floor plan intact. Why meddle with a good thing?

Although it’s been less than a year since that last sale, the present owner evidently feels that the time is ripe for a flip, listing it again this week for more than $1.79 million.

The historical Tudors were always eager to trade up for something new when the opportunity presented itself, so we suppose it comes with the territory.