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SF is (mercifully) off to a very wet start

San Francisco is starting to feel like San Francisco again

Will fall-winter in San Francisco finally see the end of flip-flops and tank tops? One can only hope. But now that sartorial daydream could become a reality. After years of warm and dry holiday months, San Francisco is off to the wettest start of the water year since 2010.

Or so says the National Weather Service. Behold:

NWS Bay Area goes on to reports that San Francisco “has picked up around 4.60" [of water] since October 1st. The last time we were doing that well was back in 2010 when 4.91" had fallen.”

This past Thanksgiving weekend, the Bay Area experienced not only a windfall of rain, but also chilly temperatures. So cold, in fact, that your Curbed SF editor had to wear a scarf and fingerless gloves.

That said, it looks like the rain will, sadly, subside for the next couple of weeks. And the Arctic is melting. But any rain is good rain.