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Call for submissions: We want to see your holiday decorations

The more the flamboyant the better

Can your holiday decorations be seen from outer space? If so, we want to know you and your house! As a special edition of our House Calls series, we’re looking for a home that’s been made extra festive for the holidays this year. And we’re not talking just a tasteful string of white lights.

The series offers readers a chance to peek inside the homes of Bay Area folks, from artists living together in the Mission and adorable Bernal Heights families to Oakland warehouses and stately Alamo Square mansions. In this special edition holiday edition, Curbed SF seeks homes that have been decorated to the nines for the festive season.

Hit us with your most ostentatious outdoor lighting schematics, your most shocking nativity scenes, and whatever else that fits your idea of what the holidays are all about. Bonus points if you decorate both inside and outside the house.

If interested, contact us at (subject line: Holiday House Calls) and, if you please, a few photos. Tell us what neighborhood and city you live in, what your decorations include, and any other information you think we should know.

Note: Homes currently on the market will not be taken into consideration, even though we do love a staged skeleton accent.