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Russian Hill’s Platinum House nabs $8.3 million

Four-story, certifiably green house finally finds a buyer

Initially landing on the market for a whopping $11.25 million, the platinum house at 1209 Filbert pruned its price to a cool $9.5 million in July.

Well, the steely residence finally sold last week, netting a touch under asking at $8.3 million—$8,288,000, to be exact.

Coming in at four stories, four bedrooms, five and a half baths, and 5,610 square feet, this sleek abode also boasts LEED Platinum designation. Rainwater harvest tank, drip irrigation, solar-power system, and Forest Stewardship Council-approved wood all help score this house its prestigious green title.

Other details, aside from the aforementioned do-gooder structural integrity, are the stacked-and-tiered windows on the exterior glass banisters and marble bathrooms, and the white-walled roof deck.