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Mission Dolores Edwardian flat, with wood accents galore, asks $1.2 million

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Home in the heart of the city’s hippest hood has yet to be gutted beyond recognition

“Close to Dolores Park” is the siren song of many with cash to burn on choice SF real estate. And while plenty of homes close to the city’s preferred park have been remodeled beyond recognition (with varying degrees of aesthetic success), it’s nice to see the occasional gem that, more or less, has remained comparatively untouched.

Take, for example, this two-bed, one-bath, 1,384-square-foot flat at 62 Romona. Located on one of the quieter, tree-lined streets, highlights here include a formal living room with wood-burning fireplace, wood wainscoting, and the grand skylight over the entryway.

While much of its period past remains, some new additions, like new kitchen and built-ins, are a welcome, nonabrasive touch. The bathroom, however, could use a likeminded remodel.

HOAs come to $175/month. Asking is $1,295,000.