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Faux-Victorian Mendocino ranch nets $6.2 million

Almost $2 million short of asking

When last we looked in on Mendocino’s East Ranch, it was heading to auction in search of the buyer that proved elusive so many times before.

Well, it did indeed sell, and even attracted hot bidding by five potential buyers over the span of what we assume was a very busy 15 minutes.

That auction took place back in September, but the final price didn’t become public until after the sale was later finalized. And the big payday is: $6.2 million.

On the one hand, that’s noticeably short of its original asking price of $8 million.

On the other, still a very tidy sum, and much preferable to the goose egg it netted after 18 months on the market in the past. Bids started at $3 million, just low enough to qualify as an impulse purchase at certain tax brackets.

The East Ranch looks the part of a classic Victorian, all the way down the push-button light switches. But it’s an act of cunning imitation, built from the ground up only 19 years ago.

The illusion is pretty convincing, and an endearing love letter to the style. The recent auction is only its second ever sale, yielding the new owner an astonishing 1,745 acres along with the home.

In fact, the property is so large that it’s serviced by 24 miles worth of roads and studded with 21 ponds. Which makes this presumably wine country’s first $296k/pond deal.