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Curbed Comparisons: What $7,150 rents you in San Francisco right now

Help yourself to seconds of five local rentals

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Let's find out. Today's price: $7,150.

↑ With the holidays upon us, we’re looking this week only at homes with at least four bedrooms to accommodate all of your visiting relatives and well-wishers. For example, who wouldn’t feel right at home in a four-bed, two-and-a-half-bath, lavender and fuchsia-colored Victorian in the Sunset? You have to admit, it’s as distinctive as it is roomy, sitting right at the mouth of Golden Gate Park for a hefty $6,995/month.

↑ Speaking of distinctive homes, here’s a four-bed, two-bath house in Bernal Heights on Cortland that, for $7,150/month, comes with the owner’s private art collection as well. Normally, a furnished rental of this size is a pain—as one would want room for one’s own stuff—but in this case, the decor itself might be worth signing the lease. And despite the museum-like quality, pets can move in right alongside you and the masterworks.

↑ This two-level flat in NoPa (immediately north of the Panhandle) comes with no art on the walls, so it will just have to appeal to your aesthetic sensibilities all by itself, with triple terraces, track lighting, built-ins, constant French doors, and earth-toned tile work throughout. A view of Alamo Square is always a nice touch as well. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and over 2,000 feet in all, for the very particular price of $6,999/month, pets included again.

↑ For the exact same price of $6,999/month we have a four-bedroom, two-bathroom flat that doesn’t know where it is. There are some nuances in deciding where neighborhoods begin and end, but once you reach 20th and Valencia you’re no longer in the Castro or even “Castro/Mission,” as this landlord seems to think, that’s as Mission as it gets. And good thing too, as it’s a great location and the place is laden with contemporary finishes and a few old school touches. (You’ve got to reserve some affection for any home with a tile fireplace in the bedroom.) The only drawback is you’re not permitted to be thankful for cats and dogs here.

↑ And we loop back around toward Golden Gate Park for the final offer, a designer condo with four beds, three baths, stainless steel, quartz, and wide hardwood floors, located not south of Market but instead in the most southern reaches of the Richmond on 14th Avenue. Which means you get a view of the park out of all of those windows, and can bring the cat to boot. The price (our lowest, for whatever that’s worth in this case): $6,995/month.