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Under $700K Club: Corona Heights art deco condo asks $649,000

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“Buena Vista meets Tales of the City”

Prices are surging citywide but so too are price cuts, which makes it prime time to hunt for new members of our exclusive Under $700K Club.

Because it takes a strange sort of courage to list for even slightly less in San Francisco these days, we extend those few quality homes that offer a deal to beleaguered buyers a little special recognition.

Today’s inductee is a single bedroom condo at 433 Buena Vista Avenue East.

Inside it’s essentially ideal, from the faintly slanted ceilings down to the sandstone-colored tile in the bathroom, in a style that a previous realtor referred to as “Buena Vista meets Tales of the City” and that provokes designations as diverse as “cottage-like,” “bungalow,” and “flat” all at once.

Outside, the complex sits at the foot Buena Vista Park, on one of only about a half dozen streets in the strait between that park and nearby Corona Heights Park.

This creates the impression that the Deco-ish 1942 complex is somehow tucked away in its own little world—even though it’s actually in a pretty sweet spot between the Haight and Cole Valley in one direction and Duboce Triangle and the Castro in another.

The gardens on the grounds really push the illusion, which is helped even further by the bluffs to the north and south.

Note that this is a tenancy-in-common unit, last selling in 2014 for just $630,000. Which would actually make it a rare, proud two-time inductee to the club.

Admittedly, we hadn’t yet founded the Under $700K Club in 2014. But we’re more than happy to grandfather that previous sale in, and hope that it manages to stay under the mark during bidding.