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The High & the Low: SF’s most and least expensive homes this week

A big day at the beach in Sea Cliff, and a diamond in the rough in Diamond Heights

Fridays bring the High & the Low, a Curbed column chronicling the most and least expensive homes sold in San Francisco in the last seven days. It’s been a fascinating week, so let’s dive in.

2016 could end a few weeks early and still leave us stunned and impressed by the number of absurdly luxurious homes sold in the $10 million-plus range. As a year, it doesn’t have anything left to prove.

But it keeps on closing big deals anyway, most recently with the beachfront mansion in Sea Cliff by Nebraska-born, Japan-raised, Oakland-based architect Albert Farr, one of the first Californians to ever obtain an architect’s license.

We’ll confess, this house actually sold last week, on November 10. But the ad didn’t update in time for last week’s High/Low, and we overlooked it.

Since it’s such a remarkable property, and since its $17.8 million sale ($1.1 million below asking, but who’s really counting at that stage of the game?) is impossible to ignore, we brought it back for this week’s highlights.

One of the reasons we do High/Low every week is illustrate the many different ways and means there are of becoming a permanent San Francisco resident.

The buyers of that Sea Cliff mansion and the buyers of the city’s most affordable home sale this week, a 590-foot Diamond Heights studio at 55 Red Rock Way that they wrangled for only $492,000, might not have much in common, at least as far as personal finances go.

But they did both drive a bargain, as this condo sold for $7,000 more than the list price but also for $7,000 less than the original asking price from early September.

And, most importantly, once this deal closed just this morning they both probably breathed a little easier for now being homeowners in the city during a time when that’s becoming harder than ever.