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Industrial, loft-like home in Cole Valley wants $1.8 million

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A floating staircase and concrete walls highlight this 1994 abode

Over in Cole Valley, an industrial home in the quaint neighborhood above Haight evokes some much-needed positive contrast.

While there are those who, understandably, bemoan such a jarring slice of contemporary aesthetics, it’s actually quite nice and carefully tucked away amid the surrounding Victorians and Edwardians.

The home at 259 Frederick, which could easily be mistaken for a garage, lands on the market this week.

Featuring three beds, two baths, and approximately 2,090 square feet, the 1994 construction boasts concrete walls, a floating timber and steel staircase, wood flooring, and a second level terrace space.

And do get a load of that lovely brick facade, which is part of the original structure.

Asking us $1,895,000.