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Curbed Comparisons: What $6,100/month gets you in San Francisco right now

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Choose wisely

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Let's find out. Today's price: $6,150.

↑ Imagine living in a five-bedroom apartment in Duboce Triangle. Yes, five bedrooms. Statistically, few people in San Francisco ever even have a family that big, but maybe you can turn one of the extras into a bowling alley or something. The packed 1,500—square-foot home on top of a three-story building from 1911 rents for $5,995/month (i.e., $1,199/bed), right up the street from the Castro. The only drawback is that it doesn’t say anything about pets; which is odd, because it’s not as if there isn’t room.

↑ “Pacific Heights” and “rent control” are not phrases that you find partnered very often, but it does indeed happen from time to time. In the case of this three-bedroom, two-bath apartment in a sturdy old brick building on Franklin Street, the control kicks in at $5,995/month. And while it seems that prices could hardly get higher than that in the future, remember what neighborhood we’re in here. On top of that, the home is a dream for lovers of white interiors and hardwood floors, down to the marble lobby. Once again, no word about the pet policy. We can’t take this degree of suspense.

↑ Speaking of finds in unexpected places, you don’t always associated Potrero Hill with fine old Victorians, but they do nestle on its low-lying western ends, like in the case of this two-bed, two-bath condo in an upstanding 116-year-old (at least) home on Rhode Island Street. The interior is remarkably busy, but we like its enthusiasm. It’s $5,995/month, but once again they defer on the pet issue. Is some kind of gag order in place?

↑ At least the Presidio loves dogs as well as cats, and it also loves duplexes in the historic buildings dotting the army base turned park. It’s three bedrooms and one bath in the crook of one of those winding Presidio streets but near the edge of the park and the eucalyptus grove. The price: $6,142/month, glassed-in such porch and all.


↑ We can’t close it out with at least one honest, entire, full-building, single-family home at this price point, and this time it’s Lake Merced that delivers with a stuccoed three bed, three bath, detached house a half block from SFSU and, of course, from the lake. Those windows, parquet, coved ceilings, and retro tile designs are a real knockout. No dogs or cats allowed, but at least they gave us a straight answer for $5,950/month.