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10 pics of the super moon, in case you missed it

Bella luna, no?

Last night’s supermoon was just that—super. But why so super, you ask? Well, according to researches, the last two nights of the moon’s appearance was the closest the moon has been since January 1948 and is won't be this close to earth again until 2034.

Pr SFist, “[S]upermoons appear 30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger than normal full moons.”

And with that, here are some shots of said moon that you might have missed. See you in 2034!

Super Observatory

A photo posted by @sheng.huang.xo on

Happy Super Moon Monday!! #goldengate #supermoon #roomsicle

A photo posted by Laura Panini (@lilpanini) on

The #supermoon2016 has really been amazing. Hoping to catch it again tonight!

A photo posted by Art By Amanda (@artbyamanda33) on

As above, so below

A photo posted by Kunal Nagpal (@pix_zeus) on

The man in the moon is a bitch #namethatmovie #supermoon #nofilter

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