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Last available unit inside the Light House asks $6.14 million

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One of San Francisco's finest renovations across from Dolores Park offers up its final abode

We’re not strangers to the building housing the four bed townhouse at 93 Cumberland. In fact, the onetime church overlooking Dolores Park has become one of our favorite new buildings over the past year.

Part of that is because, in a city filled with sometimes questionable renovations that damage the integrity of the original property, the Light House (as it’s known) preserved a surprising amount of what was there, down to the bricks in the walls, the Carnegie steel in the basement, and the pews that once filled its nave.

Yet another aspect that endears us to the old place is that, nearly nine months after our first peek inside, it still manages to surprise us.

While the front two units that sold earlier this year are similar in design, the rearmost unit that faces Cumberland and just listed in its own right is an entirely different affair, complete with a gorgeous baroque lattice wall above the kitchen.

That screen once covered the alcove where the church’s pipe organ and organist resided, giving this aft apartment an identity all its own and making adroit use of the space afforded by the 30-foot ceilings.

Originally, this home listed as a rental, going for an unbelievable $28,000/month. At that rate, it would take more than 18 years to fetch the more than $6.14 million it’s listed for now.