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The most gorgeous, untouched Eichler ever available only to Stanford faculty

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Esteemed university professors can own this prized property for an annual salary-exceeding asking of $2,050,000

Interior living room shot of midcentury Eichler. Photos via Estately

While not as impressive as this Belvedere masterpiece (Curbed SF’s reigning Eichler sovereign), the home at 850 Sonoma in Stanford puts up a good fight. But before you get too excited, midcentury aficionados, this one is only available to Stanford faculty. Alas.

But what a home it is! While many homes bearing the signature developer’s name have been brought into the 21st century via contemporary renovation, this gem keeps things as-is without managing to look like a teardown.

Coming in at four beds, 2 baths, and 1,825 square feet, this 1959 Eichler model features the developer’s thumbprints—exposed beans, atrium (seriously, that is one fabulous atrium), and original cork flooring (rarely seen these days, Eichler was reportedly inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, who used it in his iconic Fallingwater house), mahogany paneling.

The covered patio is downright darling. And the kitchen has remained more or less untouched.

A great look into the past. The person(s) responsible for this house’s staging deserve an ovation for not going overboard with any shtick.

Asking is $2,050,000, which is quite the sum for a faculty member. One would assume the top-drawer school’s faculty housing assistance program doesn’t cover such stellar abodes.