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Industrial-chic Stinson Beach home asks $2.97 million

Striking by the sea

There’s something to be said for a beach house that does away with any and all oceanic cliches. Nary a starfish table accent nor seashell wind chime will be found inside this contemporary home in Stinson Beach. Refreshing, indeed.

Coming in at three beds, two baths, and approximately 2,000 square feet, the contemporary home at 370 Calle Del Mar uses industrial materials like corrugated steel and concrete tiles combined with classic wood, stone, and glass elements. The results are very dramatic, very eco.

“We tried to create a hi-end, hi-tech, and modern design environment that would function not only for groups of friends and extended family, but first and foremost serve the needs of our rapidly growing family,” notes the homeowner Brennan Boblett.

The newfangled landscaping, both sleek and drought-resistant, features Mexican pebble rock, succulents, agaves, and cactus, with varieties including rosemary bushes, sage, and lemon and olive trees.

Asking is $2,975,000.