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Millennium Tower resident’s video of rolling marble claims to show building’s tilt

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Marble rolls up, then back down—yikes

A glass-encased, 58-level tower, with a smaller podium building in the foreground. Photo by Patricia Chang / Curbed SF

In light of news that the Millennium Tower is both sinking and tilting, we haven’t seen much visible proof of the latter, at least to the naked eye. Until now. Or so claims on tenant.

The Yerba Buena tower has reportedly sunk around 16 inches, which has caused it to tilt a couple of inches to the northwest. Tower resident Frank Jernigan recently shot a video wherein he rolls a marble on his unit’s floor claiming to demonstrate the building’s tilt.

The marble rolls up the floor, then back down showing an ever-so-slight incline.

Watch for yourself:

No word yet on which floor Jernigan filmed this video. We will update as soon as we know more.

Millennium Partners claim that nearby Transbay construction is to blame for their tower’s woes. Millennium Partners founders Chris Jeffries and Phil Aaron say that the ground beneath structure has been dewatered for years, dropping the water table 20 feet since 2011.

The Transbay Joint Powers, however, disagreed.

Currently, the city of San Francisco has cited Millennium for repair violations.

Millennium Tower

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