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Inner Mission condo, with old Clift Hotel fixtures, asks $1.09 million

Top-floor flat mixes new and old, with charming results

Nothing like being reminded of the old Clift Hotel (the former Redwood Room incarnation, to be exact) to yearn for the past. Well, this nifty abode in the Inner Mission, which comes with features plucked directly from the old Clift Hotel before its dramatic Philippe Starck remodel, will satisfy any fan of the iconic Geary Street hotel’s previous look.

But first, the details: Coming in at three beds, one bath (yikes!), and 1,384 square feet, this top-floor, renovated Victorian at 3031 20th Street still keeps an eye on the past with intact details like a marble fireplace mantle, wainscoting, and exceptionally high ceilings.

And, as noted in the realtor’s ad, "[t]he bathroom features period fixtures from the old Clift Hotel, including an elegant claw-foot soaking tub." A lovely hat tip to San Francisco’s past.

Also of note is the sunroom, which leads to a back patio crying out for a delicate update.

HOAs come to $458/month. Asking is $1,095,000.