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Stunning Glen Park Edwardian, with utterly adorable cottage, asks $1.69 million

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1910 charmer comes with an added bonus

Over in Glen Park, near the border of Noe Valley, you will find many single-family homes. Most of them glorious, all of them pricey. And this gem at 278 Randall, complete with its own backyard cottage, is no exception.

Coming in at three beds, two and a half baths, and approximately 1,945 square feet, this 1910 Edwardian features an enclosed porch, dining room, wood-burning fireplace, hardwood floors, and contemporary vibe that doesn’t go overboard. Refreshing.

As noted above, this home comes with its very own cottage with one bed and one bath. (Alas, no kitchen.) In a perfect world, this detached space would house a San Francisco bohemian type; alas, it will probably hosts numerous Airbnb guests.

Still, a gorgeous home in a great area. But it will cost you: Asking is $1,699,000.