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San Francisco lights up orange in honor of Giants


Oh, you were worried, were you? Never fear, the Giants are here. In spectacular fashion, they’ve shown up for October. Last night’s Wild Card game against the New York Mets was clinched due in large part to Madison Bumgarner (officially achieving iconic status as of this morning, were there ever any doubt) and Conor Gillaspie’s shocker three-run homer in the ninth.

It was, in a word, glorious.

Following previous postseason anticipation, the city of San Francisco illuminated in a lovely hue of orange to honor the occasion.

As you may recall, the Civic Center behemoth typically lights up to celebrate the Golden State Warriors and LGBT Pride, but has also paid tribute to the victims of the Orlando gay nightclub shooting and the death of Prince.

First up, San Francisco City Hall all dolled up in orange:

A little bit magical

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October Quest

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Pre @sfopera stroll #sfopera #sanfrancisco #cityhall #architecture #design #opera

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SF stunnin #roofvibes #nofilter

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And here’s Coit Tower illuminated orange:

Today is the day step 1! Let's Go Giants!!!!! #BeattheMets #BeliEVEN #OrangeOctober

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Even Tower Two at One Rincon Hull showed some love:


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Look for other structures to turn orange as postseason continues.

One Rincon Hill Tower Two

401 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA

San Francisco City Hall

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