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Infinity penthouse lands on the market at $12 million

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Sleek, top-floor dazzler wants a pretty penny

Here we go, contemporary fetishists. Something right up your alley, smack dab in one of San Francisco’s burgeoning neighborhoods. The wonderfully sinister penthouse inside the Infinity landed on the market recently. And it’s what one would expect from the ultra-sleek residential towers.

Featuring three bedrooms, three and a half baths, and 3,382 square feet, this ostentatious pad screams tech money. Loudly.

Occupying the entire eastern half of the Infinity, it comes with floor to ceiling windows, marble floors, motorized window coverings, three-deed parking, and—doth my eyes deceive me?—the elusive unicorn of San Francisco high-rise residential real estate, a window in the bathroom.


You know you’ve got major cash when you’ve got a window to the world while sitting in your South Beach powder room.

Asking is a cool $12,000.000.

The Infinity

301 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 Visit Website