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Inverness bohemian-hippie masterpiece asks $1.49 million

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Contemporary home inside private oak forest stands out among its photogenic surroundings

This 1983 work-of-art in a secluded part of Inverness, one of the North Bay most charming small towns, doesn’t so much shout "classic Bay Area pad" as it hums it to a groovy tune while offering you a plate of homemade hummus and a freshly rolled joint. Everything about this house, billed as a "passive solar home," is NorCal in the best way possible.

Coming in at two beds, two baths, and approximately 1,675 square feet, 200 Keith Way, designed by architect Paul Korhummel, offers wood burning fireplaces, wood accents galore, and windows that seem to be everywhere, allowing in heaps of natural light.

The bathroom soaking tub is particularly intriguing if not a touch cramped.

The house sits on a stunning 3.1 acres of private forest located just off a secluded road. The patio cries out for entertaining, too, preferably set to Joni Mitchell’s Blue.

Asking is $1,495,000.