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Bernal Heights midcentury renovation asks $1.99 million

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1970s gem gets a major makeover, both inside and out

Built in 1971, this downright enticing Bernal Heights midcentury (located north of Cortland, sternly notes the ad copy) went through a major renovation since it last sold in 2015. Over the course of a year, the home’s insides were stripped and the floor plan reconfigured. Open-floor concept? Oh, you know it.

Details: four beds, three baths, and and approximate 1,740 square feet. The look is midcentury all the way insofar as the exterior goes. Its old eye-wateringly dull yellow facade is now a luscious green with some sort of newfangled accent that, for better or worse, demands a double take. Arguably a big improvement.

Inside there are all of the trappings of a remodeled SF home in 2016: wood flooring, updated kitchen and baths with tile galore, expansive floor plans, recessed lighting (a concept that, if we may, has reached its peak), and, yes, a few Edison bulbs thrown in to appease the well-to-do types who still coo over that sort of thing.

No matter. This house oozes loveliness in so many ways that it’s okay to overlook any few of its overexposed touches.

Selling in 2015 for $1.22 million, 136 Bradford lands on the market today at $1,995,000.