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New Apple Campus goes green. Literally.

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Building comes together and landscapers spruce it up (with spruces)

Matthew Roberts

Meanwhile, down in Cupertino, the Apple Campus II has taken a major step in the last four weeks toward fulfilling its moniker, looking more and more like a campus rather than just an enormous ring.

The centerpiece ring is, of course, still coming together. As camera-toting drones (in this case piloted by local videographer Matthew Roberts, who once again gave us license to use his footage) buzz overhead, the roof increasingly resembles some sort of space age raceway, curving off into the cosmos.

But the real busy work has been outside, as landscapers haul in some of the hundreds of live trees that will populate the area.

Those Norman Foster renderings offer a vision of a building surrounded by a veritable forest, and reproducing that effect on the actual landscape will be a heroic effort in itself in the coming weeks.

Things are busy inside the “donut hole” as well. In fact, the scrambled mess of vehicles, equipment, and half-started projects scattered around what will be the interior plaza of the new HQ mean that the area now resembles one of those scientific diagrams of a cell from your biology classes.

You can watch the complete aerial survey below, and the truly curious can keep their eyes out for constant updates from curious drones on a variety of YouTube channels every week.