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This landmark Hayes Valley house is Victorian perfection

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Earlier today we brought you a slick, extreme Victorian renovation. It polarized many and enchanted few. Now, let’s cleanse the palate with an unabashed beauty in Hayes Valley. A local landmark at 294 Page, this 1878 Stick Victorian, previously featured here in 2013, lands on the market again. And it’s a stunner, from its rich period details to its whimsical decor.

Originally designed by architect Henry Geilfuss in 1878, it was built for German-born bootmaker Charles Dietle. After the Great Earthquake of 1906, the home evaded too much damage. It was later purchased by John DeMartini, a noted fruit/veggie commission merchant and one of the original directors of the Bank of Italy—known today as Bank of America.

Registered San Francisco landmark #48, the Stick-Eastlake style home is now known as the Charles Dietle House.

The house/mansion features five bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and a whopping 6,950 square feet. It also boasts a formal ballroom (why not?), dumbwaiter, spectacular staircase, an attic lounge (aka, a "chill room," per ’90s parlance), and so much more. Even the evocative decor isn’t too on-the-nose, which makes it all the more exciting.

Asking is $6,495,000. Worth every penny.